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Denali D30SP


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Flightcom™ Denali D30SP Fixed-Wing

Flightcom's Denali is an extremely lightweight headset that offers exceptional performance and outstanding comfort. The Denali is engineered to fit unlike any other aviation headset, providing excellent passive noise attenuation, a secure and comfortable fit and extremely reliable performance.

Lightweight Comfort

At 11 ounces, this fixed-wing headset is the lightest model available. Denali's ComLeather™ ear seals help abate noise and offer a comfortable fit. The sleek ear domes stay securely in place, reducing side force.

Noise Reduction

Passive 21dB NRR rating


No Risk Warranty

Satisfaction guaranteed from ear to ear. Three year warranty.

Weight (ANR): 11 oz.
Color: Carbon Fiber look
Mic: Elliptical, noise-canceling electret; integral muff
Noise Reduction: 21dB passive noise attenuation
Power Source: Panel/Intercom

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