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S1 Passive

S1 Passive


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Start your career above the clouds with the S1 Passive, a premium passive headset. It features superb passive attenuation that proves itself in daily use with single-engine and multi-engine propeller planes and helicopters.

Sennheiser’s cooperation with BMW DesignworksUSA has not only given the headset its unique design, it has also set new standards in the areas of safety and comfort. With ear pads specially designed for spectacle wearers, a contact pressure that is individually adjustable and a two-piece headband, the headset is always comfortable to wear even on long flights.

The ergonomic S1 PASSIVE control unit has a 3.5 mm jack socket to allow you to connect MP3 players or mobile telephones. You can keep listening to your music and talking on the phone, even above the clouds. For your safety, the audio signal of the player or mobile telephone is muted as soon as the tower contacts you.


  • Superb passive noise attenuation

  • Extremely comfortable to wear due to the adjustable contact pressure and ear pads specially designed for spectacle wearers

  • Well-balanced, low weight

  • Foldable ear cups

  • Excellent audio quality

  • ActiveGardTM safeguards your ears from volume peaks above 110 dB

  • Control unit with a 3.5 mm jack socket for connecting audio devices and mobile telephones

  • Connected audio device or mobile telephone is muted while communicating with the tower

  • “Auto shut-off” extends battery life

  • Made in Germany

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